What is Text to Speech and How Artificial Intelligence can Help?

Text to speech has been around for a while now, but it's only become more mainstream as the technology has improved. Just as we've seen amazing advances in other fields, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, text to speech has also developed and changed over time. It's not just about converting words into audio anymore- artificial intelligence can help create a voice-over from a text that is written in any language.

What is Text to Speech?

Text to Speech (TTS) is when a computer reads out loud the text you write. TTS is different than speech recognition when a computer can understand what you say when you speak. People often use TTS software for people who are deaf or hard of hearing so they can read faster or in louder volumes.

How does AI work to create a voice-over?

Text-to-Voice (TTS) is the process of using artificial intelligence to convert text into audio. This is not limited to creating a speech, but can also be used for sound effects, or any other sounds that do not require a voice. It is most commonly used in phone systems and on devices like Amazon's Echo Dot. AI can be used to provide complete automation for this task, meaning that it no longer requires humans to manually act as intermediaries between the input (text) and output (speech).

Which are the Pros and Cons of Text to Speech for Businesses?

Text to speech is a technology that converts written text into spoken words and phrases. Artificial intelligence can be used to help automate the process of converting written text into audio. This type of technology is suitable for those who have difficulty reading on their own or those with disabilities. On the other hand, some people might prefer having a human voice read documents to them as opposed to an artificial voice.

What are the Other Uses of Text to Speech in Businesses?

Text to speech is a form of voice conversion. It converts text to speech, allowing for clear communication over the phone or the Internet. Because text to speech is so realistic, it's being used in many different ways, including for automated telephone systems and as an assistive technology for people with disabilities.


Text to Speech is a technology that transforms the written word into speech. A computer will read aloud the written words in an audio file which can be recorded on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make this process more efficient by automating certain aspects of it.

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