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Synthesized AI voices bring you the highest quality natural-sounding voices available in the market today.

More Than 700 Voices

An incredible amount of real-sounding natural voices are available for use in our text-to-speech software.

TTS, an acronym for Text-to-Speech, is speech synthesis technology that converts written text to spoken words. Note that it synthesizes words rather than playing back pre-recorded messages.

SpeechAS TTS is an efficient tool. You only need to type, and then a voice file will be generated automatically. There are two types of voice: standard and neural. Standard voice is heard something like a robot, but neural is like a real person.

TTS was originally developed as assistive technology for the visually impaired to help them understand, for example, website content. TTS is now a common feature of websites and popular applications like Microsoft Word. TTS functionality can often be incorporated into websites and applications using our simple API. TTS is becoming more mainstream as everyday users use it for activities like reading inbound text messages out loud.

Neural voice technology synthesizes human-quality speech from input text. The service first analyzes the input text to determine the desired content. The service uses an acoustic model that consists of a decision tree to generate candidate units for synthesis.

Nowadays, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft Azure offer TTS service. The form of their services is a technical API. So you may need a tool that helps you to manage the TTS service. This is what SpeechAS can do for you.

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Convert your text to speech natural in seconds using over 700 realistic voices and download in MP3 format.

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Create natural sounding speech in 70+ languages & accents. With our TTS service, you can have your message delivered in over 60 languages. We offer voices for every occasion, from calm and professional to passionate or excited - all at the touch of a button!

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